Frequently Asked Questions

About the Gift Card Program

What is the Stix Bucks gift card program?

Pick Up Stix proudly introduces our Stix Bucks gift card. Stix Bucks gift cards are now available and can be purchased in any denomination between $5 and $250 at participating California, Arizona & Nevada Pick Up Stix restaurants or online at The Stix Bucks card is reusable & reloadable. Additional funds may be added at any time at any participating Pick Up Stix restaurant or online at

Where can I buy a Stix Bucks card?

You may purchase your Stix Bucks card at any participating Pick Up Stix restaurant or online at

Where can I use my Stix Bucks card?

Stix Bucks cards can be used to make purchases at any participating California, Arizona & Nevada Pick Up Stix restaurant.

Balance and Activity

What is the card PIN used for and where do I find it?

The card PIN helps identify you when inquiring about your card activity. Scratch off the box on the back of your Stix Bucks card to find your PIN.

How do I check my balance(s) and activity on my card?

You can check your Stix Bucks card balance by viewing your receipt, visiting a participating Pick Up Stix restaurant, visiting or by calling Customer Support at 1-866-323-6504.

Do I need to purchase another card if I use up the amount on my card?

No. Your Stix Bucks card is reusable and reloadable. You may add money to your card and use it as a method of payment at participating locations.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Pick Up Stix is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen cards. If your card is lost or stolen and has not been registered, Pick Up Stix will not be able to transfer the remaining unused balance. If your Stix Bucks card is registered, notify Pick Up Stix using the Feedback page at or call Guest Relations at 1-800-400-STIX and Pick Up Stix will transfer the remaining unused balance and issue a new Stix Bucks card.

Registering your card

Why should I register my card?

By registering your Stix Bucks card, you can protect the remaining balance in case your Stix Bucks card is ever lost or stolen. You will also be eligible to receive special promotional offers from Pick Up Stix.

Will my privacy be protected if I register my card?

Yes. We will not give your personal information to other companies without your permission. You can also select whether you wish to receive special offers when registering your card.

Contact Information

Who should I contact if I have questions about the card program?

Visit any participating Pick Up Stix restaurant or call Customer Support at 1-866-323-6504.

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